What is the CyberMiles Blockchain with CEO 5miles

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What is CyberMiles?
1. CyberMiles = linux system + blockchain technology
2. Focus on Smart Business Contract. Our goal is to incorporate blockchain technology into the real business world

5miles,will become the first Dapp on CyberMiles Blockchain!
1. 5miles = 5miles(Craigslist)+Cybermiles blockchian+ 12 million US-based e-commerce users
2. 5miles is a top 10 shopping app in the US
3. 5miles received $62 million(USD) from SIG, IDG, Blue Lake, Puhua, followed by Alibaba, ebay
4. 5miles surpasses 12 million users & $3 billion of annual transaction value.

CyberMiles VS ETH,What’s the main difference, and Why we must create Cybermiles?
1. Cybermiles’ Smart Business Contract is designed to be far more powerful than Ethereum Smart Contracts. It will be the next generation Ethereum (ETH).
2. CyberMiles is optimized for e-commerce applications.
It will provide a large library of commerce-related Smart Business Contracts, making it a breeze to build decentralized commerce applications.
3. Similar to ETH on Ethereum, applications built on CyberMiles could use CMT to issue their own ICO. The market size for e-commerce applications is over $1 trillion.
4. CyberMiles could support tens of thousands of transactions (TPS) per second through a state-of-the-art Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus engine.
In contract, Ethereum today only supports 10 TPS.
5. CyberMiles encourages effective participation.
New tokens will be minted over time as the network grows.
As holders of CMT tokens are crucial to the DPoS consensus, they have the opportunity to receive new tokens.

Cybermiles’ Strategic partner(more powerful partners list will be released soon)
1. COBIHOOD exchange platform
2. 5miles

Big Boss behind Cybermiles!
1. Dr. Lucas Lu, CEO/Founder of 5miles. Lucas received his PhD degree in Particle Physics from SMU in 2005.
He worked at CERN when he participated in theoretical and experimental research of Higgs Particle.
Dr. Lucas Lu, was previously a co-founder and CTO of Light In the Box, a company which went public on the NYSE,
and prior to that, Lucas was the first GM of Alibaba’s Taobao Mobile platform, and was the GM of another Alibaba business unit. Lucas founded 5miles in 2014.
2. Amanda Bush, Advisor to CyberMiles and 5miles. Amanda is a partner at St.
Augustine Capital Partners, a partnership offering consulting services and strategic advice in technology, energy, real estate, and financial services.
Amanda co-chaired the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy’s Celebration of Reading from 2003-2014.
3. Frank Lee, Advisor to the CyberMiles Foundation.
He had successfully developed the first Litecoin ASIC miner in the world and founder of two companies included in MI eco system.
He has invested in and co-founded companies in various areas, including Game, VR, AR, IOT, etc.

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